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Project |01 Duuzra

Duuzra is an iPad app for big conference events. It is highly customisable, taking data and structure from the back-end, it will re-create the same navigation designed by the client with all the the different media  (video, documents, images, PPT, ...) and one iPad to drive all the attendee's iPad: better than a power point on the screen. 

It can work in off line mode, has customisable themes and can work without a server.


Enterprise version

App Store version


Project |02 Bidtech

This is a fundraising app helping charities to boost the quantity of money that they raise, managing silent auctions, pledges, interactive games. This also has a section where you can monitor your offers and take trace of how generous you are. It can load hundreds of items with many pictures per Item. The back-end create the auction and the app make it happen.


Enterprise version

Project |03 FlowProcess

The App is entirely designed by me as a personal project. It has been designed to create flow charts, and other graphs. Graphs are customisable as well as the App. Once the graph is created it can be exported, copied, mailed, reused by other devices and shared on the social library.


AppStore version

Project |04 SkyGo​

Sky Go - our award-winning mobile video service lets you watch the shows you love from Sky whenever and wherever you want – at no extra cost for all Sky TV customers.

Sky Go Extra lets Sky TV customers download popular TV shows and movies via WiFi to watch on up to four devices.


AppStore version
Project |03 Photobox

The App is a digital service that lets you make the most of your photos by transforming them into a wide variety of quality, personalised products.


You’re a great photographer – wouldn’t it be great to see more of your pics? The dog, forever muddy-pawed, on a pristine Desk Canvas.


AppStore version

Project |03 VEON App

The App is used to Call, chat and share for free
Even when you’re out of credit.


AppStore version

Project |03 Permutive iOS SDK

This is an SDK framework that can collect data on users off-site. There are many cases where this can be useful, for example if you want to:

  • Track a PartnerConversion event when a user visits your partner's site and has converted on a campaign.

  • Track an EmailOpen  event when a user opens a marketing email.

  • Track an AdImpression  event, when a user views an advertising campaign either off-site or within an isolated iframe or video player


AppStore version

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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